As you prepare your online store for the busiest time of year, we wanted to share our top tips for using Mailchimp email automations to maximise your sales.

Add credibility with product reviews

Automatically follow up on product purchases to easily collect reviews from your customers. Studies have shown that products with 5 or more reviews have an increased purchase likelihood of 270%.

Drive new sales with compelling promotions

Offer an incentive to capture new subscribers and convert them into customers with an automated welcome email. By providing a limited-time discount or free shipping, you can encourage new customers to make their first purchase.

Never miss a sale with abandoned cart automations

Studies have found that 69% of customers abandon their shopping carts before completing checkout. By using an abandoned cart email, you can automatically remind people what they’ve left behind and encourage them to return to your site to complete their purchase.

Sell more with product recommendations

Drive more sales with personalised product recommendations by showcasing best-sellers and highlighting new arrivals. By using your customers' purchase history, you can automatically recommend relevant products to influence their future buying decisions and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

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